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《射法》 戚繼光
Archery Principles by Qi Jiguang

《拳經捷要》 戚繼光
The Boxing Classic (Keys to Nimbleness) by Qi Jiguang


《王征南先生傳》 黃百家
Biography of Wang Zhengnan by Huang Baijia


《西域羅漢得道真詮》 升霄道人
Wisdom of the Luohans of the Western Regions by the Daoist Shengxiao


《雄拳折法》 高興方
Selected Techniques of Hero Boxing by Gao Xingfang


《太極法說》 楊班侯
Explaining Taiji Principles by Yang Banhou


《郝和珍藏》 李亦畬
For Hao Weizhen to Cherish handwritten by Li Yiyu


《太極功》 宋書銘
The Taiji Art by Song Shuming


《形意拳學》 孫祿堂
A Study of Xingyi Boxing by Sun Lutang


《五行連環拳譜合璧》 李存義 杜之堂
A Combined Volume: Five Elements Manual / Continuous Boxing Manual by Li Cunyi & Du Zhitang


《八卦拳學》 孫祿堂
A Study of Bagua Boxing by Sun Lutang

《潭腿圖說》 何光銑 胡健
Illustrated Handbook for Tantui by He Guangxian & Hu Jian

《易筋經廿四式圖說》 王懷琪
A Handbook for Twenty-Four Posture Yijinjing by Wang Huaiqi

《易筋經十二勢圖說》 王懷琪
A Handbook for Twelve Posture Yijinjing by Wang Huaiqi


《形意拳術》 李劍秋
The Art of Xingyi Boxing by Li Jianqiu

《精武本紀》 精武體育會
The Annals of Jingwu by the Jingwu Athletic Association
言論 事實
Parts 1 & 2: General Discussion, A Few Specifics
Part 3: Martial Arts
《十字戰》 陳鐵生 趙連和
(from within Part 3) Cross-Shaped Fight by Chen Tiesheng & Zhao Lianhe
兵操 文事 游藝
Parts 4–6: Army Drill, Literary Studies, Recreational Activities
文苑 雜俎 題贈 頌祝 表
Parts 7–11: Contributions from Famous Writers, A Mix of Offerings, Gifts of Calligraphy, Congratulatory Poetry, Lists of Members
Part 12: Opening Distant Branches
課卷彙刊 補篇
Appendices: Extra Compositions, Supplementary Texts


《形意拳術抉微》 劉殿琛
Selected Subtleties of the Xingyi Boxing Art by Liu Dianchen

《太極拳學》 孫祿堂
A Study of Taiji Boxing by Sun Lutang

《科學化的國術》 吳志青
Scientific Martial Arts by Wu Zhiqing

《太極拳勢圖解》 許禹生
Taiji Boxing Postures Explained by Xu Yusheng


《教門彈腿圖說》 吳志青
A Handbook for the Muslim Art of Tantui by Wu Zhiqing

《形意拳術之基本五行拳 / 進退連環拳》 李劍秋
Xingyi Boxing’s Five Elements Techniques / Continuous Boxing by Li Jianqiu


《拳意述真》 孫祿堂
Authentic Explanations of Martial Arts Concepts by Sun Lutang

《羅漢行功法》 許禹生
The Luohan Exercises by Xu Yusheng


《太極拳術》 陳微明
The Art of Taiji Boxing by Chen Weiming


《南拳入門》 許太和
Fundamentals of Southern Boxing Arts by Xu Taihe


《太極拳淺說》 徐致一
Simple Introduction to Taiji Boxing by Xu Zhiyi

《八卦劍學》 孫祿堂
A Study of Bagua Sword by Sun Lutang


《六路短拳圖說》 吳志青
A Handbook for Six-Section Short Boxing by Wu Zhiqing

《鷹爪連拳》 陳子正 黃維慶
Eagle Claw Fifty-Line Continuous Boxing [Lines 1–5] by Chen Zizheng & Huang Weiqing

《太極劍》 陳微明
Taiji Sword by Chen Weiming


《靜坐》 萬籟聲
On Silent Meditation by Wan Laisheng

The YMCA Taiji Boxing Club’s Anniversary Book

《太極拳圖》 褚民誼
Taiji Boxing Photographed by Chu Minyi

《向愷然先生練太極拳之經驗》 向愷然
My Experience of Practicing Taiji Boxing by Xiang Kairan

《國術教範查拳》 吳志青
A Martial Arts Teaching Manual for Chaquan by Wu Zhiqing

《意拳正軌》 王薌齋
The Correct Path of Yiquan by Wang Xiangzhai

《太極答問》 陳微明
Answering Questions About Taiji by Chen Weiming


《寫真少林棍法》 姜容樵 〔蘭晉如〕
An Authentic Description of Shaolin Staff Methods by Jiang Rongqiao [& Lan Jinru]
Chapters 1–6, 11: Staff Versus Staff
Chapters 7–10: Staff Versus Spear

《昆吾劍之內功》 姜容樵
Kunwu Sword Neigong by Jiang Rongqiao

《少林護山子門羅漢拳圖影》 朱霞天
Shaolin Mountain-Guarding Midnight Style Luohan Boxing Illustrated by Zhu Xiatian

《太極拳講義》 姚馥春 姜容樵
Taiji Boxing Explained by Yao Fuchun & Jiang Rongqiao

《捷拳圖說》 傅秀山
A Handbook for Nimbleness Boxing by Fu Xiushan

《太極拳學入門總解》 陳照丕
General Explanations of Taiji Boxing Fundamentals by Chen Zhaopi

《岳氏八翻手》 王新午
Bafan Boxing of the Yue School by Wang Xinwu


《太極拳使用法》 楊澄甫
Methods of Applying Taiji Boxing by Yang Chengfu

《練步拳圖說》 吳志青
A Handbook for the Footwork-Training Set by Wu Zhiqing

《趙門拳法炮拳圖說》 吳志青
Boxing Methods of the Zhao School: Illustrated Cannon Boxing Set by Wu Zhiqing

《武當劍法大要》 黃元秀
Essentials of the Wudang Sword Art by Huang Yuanxiu

《梅花刀圖說》 呂光華 李元智
A Handbook for Plum Blossom Saber by Lü Guanghua & Li Yuanzhi

《科學化的國術太極拳》 吳圖南
A More Scientific Martial Art: Taiji Boxing by Wu Tunan

《少林拳圖解》 金佳福 金一明
Shaolin Boxing Illustrated by Jin Jiafu & Jin Yiming

《太極拳講義》 田鎮峰
Taiji Boxing Explained by Tian Zhenfeng


《八卦掌簡編》 尹玉章
A Concise Book of Bagua Palming by Yin Yuzhang

《龍形劍》 金一明
Dragon Shape Sword by Jin Yiming

《單戒刀》 金一明
Single Defense-Saber by Jin Yiming

《詳論形意八卦太極之原理》 孫祿堂
A Detailed Look at the Theories of Xingyi, Bagua, and Taiji by Sun Lutang

《原式太極拳圖解》 萬籟聲
Original Postures of Taiji Boxing Explained by Wan Laisheng

《陳氏世傳太極拳術》 陳子明
The Inherited Chen Family Taiji Boxing Art by Chen Ziming


《字門正宗》 胡遺生
Authentic Zimen Boxing by Hu Yisheng

《太極拳》 李先五
Taiji Boxing by Li Xianwu

《實用大刀術》 金恩忠
Practical Techniques for the Large Saber by Jin Enzhong

《砍刀術練習法》 尹玉章
Practice Methods for Cleaving Saber Techniques by Yin Yuzhang

《太極拳圖解》 蔡翼中
Taiji Boxing Illustrated by Cai Yizhong

《附圖》 陳微明
Additional Photos for the Taiji Boxing Solo Set by Chen Weiming


《內家拳太極功玄玄刀》 吳圖南
The Taiji Unfathomable Saber of the Internal School by Wu Tunan

《新編練步拳圖說》 胥以謙
A Newly Arranged Handbook for the Footwork-Training Set by Xu Yiqian


《昆吾劍譜》 李凌霄
Kunwu Sword Manual by Li Lingxiao

《吳鑑泉氏的太極拳》 陳振民 馬岳樑
The Taiji Boxing of Mr. Wu Jianquan by Chen Zhenmin & Ma Yueliang

《太極拳講義》 吳公藻
Taiji Boxing Explained by Wu Gongzao

《彈腿講義》 馬永勝
Tantui Explained by Ma Yongsheng

《四式拳圖解》 徐士金
Four-Section Boxing Explained by Xu Shijin


《太極拳》 顧汝章
Taiji Boxing by Gu Ruzhang

《楊家太極拳各藝要義 / 武術偶談》 黃元秀
Skills & Essentials of Yang Style Taiji / Martial Arts Discussions by Huang Yuanxiu

《太極劍》 吳圖南
Taiji Sword by Wu Tunan

《太極正宗》 吳志青
Authentic Taiji by Wu Zhiqing

《真本達摩易筋經》 金倜生
An Authentic Depiction of Damo’s Yijinjing by Jin Tisheng

《真本岳飛八段錦》 金倜生
An Authentic Depiction of Yue Fei’s Baduanjin by Jin Tisheng

《八極拳》 繆淦傑
Baji Boxing by Miao Ganjie

《三才劍圖解》 胥以謙
Illustrated Sancai Sword by Xu Yiqian


《八卦掌擒拿圖》 陳微明
Bagua Palming & Qinna Photos by Chen Weiming


《工力拳》 紹興縣國術館
Gongli Boxing Set by the Shaoxing County Martial Arts Institute


《武當劍法筆記》 易範齋
Notes on the Wudang Sword Art by Yi Fanzhai


《太極拳刀劍桿散手合編》 陳炎林
Taiji Compiled: The Boxing, Saber, Sword, Pole, and Sparring by Chen Yanlin
Parts 1-6: [Introductory Material, Solo Set, Pushing Hands]
卷七 太極劍
Part 7: Taiji Sword
卷八 太極刀
Part 8: Taiji Saber
卷九 太極扎桿
Part 9: Taiji Thrusting Pole
卷十 太極散手對打
Part 10: Taiji Two-Person Sparring Set
附錄 太極拳表解
Appendix: Breakdown Chart of Taiji Boxing Theory

《太極正宗銓真》 吳志青
Genuine Explanations for Authentic Taiji by Wu Zhiqing


《武當嫡派太極拳術》 李壽籛
Descended from Wudang – The Taiji Boxing Art by Li Shoujian


《螳螂拳術闡秘》 黃漢勛
Secrets of the Mantis Boxing Art by Huang Hanxun


《太極拳釋義》 董英傑
Taiji Boxing Explained by Dong Yingjie


《太極拳學》 龍子祥
A Study of Taiji Boxing by Long Zixiang


《躱剛拳》 黃漢勛
Dodging Hardness Boxing Set by Huang Hanxun

《插捶》 黃漢勛
Charging Punches Boxing Set by Huang Hanxun

《十八叟拳》 黃漢勛
Eighteen Elders Boxing Set by Huang Hanxun


《少林迷踪派羅漢拳》 潘茂容 葉雨亭
Shaolin Mizong Luohan Boxing by Pan Maorong & Ye Yuting

《重訂崩步拳》 黃漢勛
Avalanche Steps Boxing Set (Revised) by Huang Hanxun

《軍中大刀術》 黃漢勛
Large Saber Techniques for the Army by Huang Hanxun

《領崩步》 黃漢勛
Understanding the Avalanche Steps Boxing Set by Huang Hanxun

《五郎八卦棍》 黃漢勛
Fifth Son’s Eight-Trigrams Staff by Huang Hanxun


《燕青單刀》 黃漢勛
Yan Qing’s Single Saber by Huang Hanxun

《虎尾三節棍》 黃漢勛
Tiger Tail Three-Section Staff by Huang Hanxun

《六合雙刀》 黃漢勛
Liuhe Double Sabers by Huang Hanxun

《太極拳使用法》 董虎嶺
Methods of Applying Taiji Boxing by Dong Huling


《螳螂六合棍》 黃漢勛
Mantis Liuhe Staff by Huang Hanxun

《梅花拳》 黃漢勛
Plum Blossom Fists by Huang Hanxun

《太極拳》 孫劍雲
Taiji Boxing by Sun Jianyun

《攔截拳》 黃漢勛
Interception Boxing by Huang Hanxun


《羅漢功》 黃漢勛
The Luohan Exercises by Huang Hanxun

《子午劍》 黃漢勛
Sundial Sword by Huang Hanxun

《太極拳(吳鑑泉式)》 徐致一
Taiji Boxing (Wu Jianquan Style) by Xu Zhiyi

《梅花落拳》 黃漢勛
Plum Blossoms Falling by Huang Hanxun

《梅花手拳》 黃漢勛
Plum Blossom Hands by Huang Hanxun

《太極拳》 尹千合
Taiji Boxing by Yin Qianhe

《太極劍》 尹千合
Taiji Sword by Yin Qianhe

《牀上健身術與科學八段錦》 尹千合
Fitness Techniques on a Bed & Scientific Baduanjin by Yin Qianhe

《白猿偷桃》 黃漢勛
White Ape Steals a Peach by Huang Hanxun

《白猿出洞》 黃漢勛
White Ape Leaves the Cave by Huang Hanxun


《大架式拳》 黃漢勛
Large-Scale Postures Boxing Set by Huang Hanxun

《小架式拳》 黃漢勛
Small-Scale Postures Boxing Set by Huang Hanxun

《太極刀》 傅鍾文 蔡龍雲
Taiji Saber by Fu Zhongwen & Cai Longyun

《太極拳譜圖說》 施調梅
A Taiji Boxing Handbook by Shi Diaomei

《運用》 施調梅
On Applying the Art by Shi Diaomei

《太極劍譜圖說》 施調梅
A Taiji Sword Handbook by Shi Diaomei

《醉羅漢拳》 黃漢勛
Drunken Luohan Boxing by Huang Hanxun


《少林拳譜》 龍子祥
Shaolin Boxing Manual by Long Zixiang [with comparison text]

《驚虹劍術》 尹千合
The Art of the Startling-Rainbow Sword by Yin Qianhe


《延年益壽》 尹千合
Prolonging Life by Yin Qianhe


《武式太極拳》 郝少如
Wu Yuxiang Style Taiji Boxing by Hao Shaoru


《孫氏太極拳》 居浩
Sun Style Taiji Boxing by Ju Hao


《六合八法拳學》 陳亦人
A Study of Liuhebafa Boxing by Chen Yiren


《飛雁掌》 黃漢勛
Flying Goose Palms by Huang Hanxun

《大番車拳》 黃漢勛
Large Wheeling Boxing Set by Huang Hanxun


《太極快拳》 董虎嶺
Taiji Fast Set by Dong Huling

《黃漢勛先生服務國術界四十年榮休紀念特刊》 港九螳螂拳同學會 漢勛健身學院
Commemorating Wong Honfan’s Forty Years of Service to Chinese Martial Arts by the Hong Kong-Kowloon Mantis Boxing Alumni Club & the Honfan Fitness Academy

《螳螂偷桃》 黃漢勛
Mantis Steals a Peach by Huang Hanxun

《落鷹掌》 黃漢勛
Descending Eagle Palms by Huang Hanxun

《醉酒地躺單刀》 黃漢勛
Drunken Groundwork Saber by Huang Hanxun

《連環錦套》 黃漢勛
Linked Brocade Boxing by Huang Hanxun

(all translations by Paul Brennan)