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– 插捶 CHARGING PUNCHES BOXING SET 黃漢勛 by Huang Hanxun [Wong Honfan] [published in Hong Kong, 1954] [translation by Paul Brennan, Oct, 2018] – 揷捶 Charging Punches 蔡仲夔题 – calligraphy by Cai Zhongkui – 論揷捶 ABOUT THE CHARGING PUNCHES BOXING … Continue reading

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– 捷拳圖說 A HANDBOOK FOR NIMBLENESS BOXING 傅秀山 by Fu Xiushan [1930] [translation by Paul Brennan, Oct, 2018] – 傅秀山編 by Fu Xiushan: 捷拳圖說 A Handbook for Nimbleness Boxing 馬公愚題 – calligraphy by Ma Gongyu – 國術真魂 The true soul … Continue reading

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